Emergency Response Planning Software

Emergency Response Planning Software

Business Benefits

Disaster/Emergency Response Planning for Businesses

Disaster can strike at anytime whether it be a natural disaster or human error. Most businesses do not have proper emergency response protocols to minimize losses. PREPERP allows businesses to have emergency protocols and be more proactive rather than reactive in an emergency situation. CAll NOW at 855-224-3090. to get a free estimate.

These benefits companies through uninvited and sudden natural disasters or any sort of catastrophic event that took place. It’s our duty and goal to calm you down when such events take place. All these benefits are provided by our software to deal with the situation with ease and with no means of complexity.

Problems to Solve

emergency plan
Emergency Plan

Fire damage, water damage, electrical damage, or hit by a natural disaster, we all need an emergency plan immediately. The first step is to have a plan for execution and PREPERP will take over all from the beginning till the end.

Proactive vs Reactive
Proactive vs Reactive

It’s time to be proactive in an emergency situation with your listed vendors protocols, and solutions, instead of deciding what needs to be done during one. Say no to Reactive!

hassle free emergency claim
Hassle of Insurance Claim

Nobody wants to go through the added hassle of insurance claim during a hazardous situation. With our emergency response software you can manage assets and be ready with your value estimation.

deal with unprofessional vendors
Dealing with Unprofessional Vendors

In the middle of a crisis and need immediate action to save a business from a disaster? You want the best vendors at your service. Our emergency response plan lists professional vendors.

continue your business during or even after disaster
Business Continuity During or After a Disaster

Your company has to remain operational. You need the growth to continue, while you recover from a disaster. A plan of action is what you need and PREPERP is here to restore your vital support system with immediate and effective response plan.

reduce your downtime cost
Reducing Downtime and Cost

With proper execution of emergency plans, cost and downtime get reduced even at the time of your business recovery.


Business Benefits for Using PREPERP

preperp app screenshot
Peace of Mind Knowing There is an Emergency Plan

Our promise and dedication is to calm your anxiety through our software and mobile app with needed emergency response tools for your business growth and continuity. 

access to preperp app
Access to APP to Contact Vendors on Emergencies

Quickly reach out to relevant pool of vendors through PREPERP APP at any time of emergency right at your fingertips. 

emergency sos
One Contractor to Talk to During an Emergency

In an emergency situation, when chaos takes over your mind and you don’t know which contractor to dial, by using our responsive crisis software you already know just who to call and take over.

all info in one place
Access to All Building Info in One Place

It’s time to say goodbye to standalone binder-based plans because we provide a unified platform where you will have collective information of all your buildings. It’s an all in one solution.

Access to All Occupants and Send Notifications

This user friendly app further give access to number of occupants in the buildings. In addition, you can send them notifications about disaster occurrences at once instead of individual alerts.

all vendors in one place
Access to All Protocol Vendors in One Place

Cease looking for vendors from everywhere! Our APP provides you with vendors directory