Emergency Response Planning Software

Emergency Response Planning Software

Notes Follow Up

Use Notes/Follow up Reminders for Better ERP Management

After a disaster strikes and your clients are under a hazardous situation, you do not want to overlook any situation or any task assigned. Notes/ Follow up Reminders are just for you to keep notes and set reminders for yourself as well as for others. You can easily set dates and times and assign your vendors or your employees for the job to get done. Moreover, an incredible filter option will further help you with when what job was done by whom so that you have a clear overview of each follow-up. The best part is your vendors and employees receive these follow-up reminders both through text and emails, which saves from missing any alerts. Contact us @855-224-3090 to learn more about how to use reminders to facilitate response.

Never Miss on Any Opportunities 

When it comes to managing an emergency situation for your clients or assigning a task to your employee, your forgetfulness can change the outcome in a way that you would probably never want to happen. Notes/Follow-up Reminders help you to respond to any disaster efficiently by doing what is necessary at any particular time and facilitate your emergency response to any disaster. 

  • Get back to your clients on time
  • Remember important dates without any stress
  • Meet deadlines with ease 

Keep Track of Your Emails

Do not lose sight of important emails, set reminders to keep track of important messages, schedules, meetings, dates & tasks:

  • Set up an account
  • Set reminder for emails to get a heads-up on future date & time
  • Act upon your responses to emails and also emails with no responses


 To set reminders for your emails, CALL NOW @855-224-3090