Emergency Response Planning Software

Emergency Response Planning Software

Building Management

Building Management

Our state-of-the-art preparedness and response software protects your building, building occupants and assets. PREPERP’s disaster response plan takes site-specific building designs and risks into consideration. From the beginning, we work directly with your management and maintenance teams to ensure quality information is entered into the system for each location. The software offers unified access control on buildings to reduce complexity and difficulties when disasters or hazards strike. For more details, CALL NOW at 855-224-3090.


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Building Details

This emergency response planning software will store details that are needed to know about the building in order to respond to a mishap or disaster immediately. Details like gate codes, emergency parking lots, property types, year built, type of building, use of elevators, wall and floor materials, access to open windows, blueprints of the buildings are vital information that can greatly influence the aftermath of a disaster.

a group of people putting their hands together to follow the building protocols
Building Protocols

You can store vendors’ names and addresses for a particular task which reduces time and helps you to call just the company you need.

3d scanner
3D Scanning

Site representation, preparedness and response to insurance documentation- we cover them all. Our multifaceted qualitative 3D models will give you a detailed overview of your sites.

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Occupant Management

Get to know the number of occupants and figure out how many occupants live in each building under our occupant management page.

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Asset Management

If there is a catastrophic event and everything turmoils around you, our emergency response plan brings you peace and serenity.

video files archive
Files and Videos

If you have witnessed any sort of catastrophic event please take a video or keep a file as a mean of valid evidence. Our emergency response planning software provides you a platform to upload different files and videos for your reference.